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Indian Tiger

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The National Animal of India

Indian Tiger Known throughout the world for its ferocity and unmistakable beauty, tigers are an example of untamed royality. Tigers dwell in a broad range of climate zones and form a mosaic of tropical moist evergreen and deciduous forests, tropical dry forests, subtropical forests, and mangroves. India is an intriguing place biogeographically because of its dual-origin of flora.

Original Habitats
Tigers are an Asian species, found from the frozen tundra of the Soviet Far East, south to the humid jungles of Malaya and Indonesia, and west to the hot, hardwood forests of India. There are five living subspecies; three others are already extinct. Current estimates put the world population of wild tigers at about 5,000-7,000, the most numerous race being the Bengal race, distributed among some 18 tiger reserves and sanctuaries of India (and a half-dozen in Nepal and Bangladesh), accounting for over two-thirds of all wild tigers.

About Indian Tiger
India is the home of 60% of world's tiger population and therefore is the only place of hope for the survival. The Indian tiger is is in a vulnerable state because of habitat reduction and poaching for Traditional Chinese Medicine. With only 2000-3000 tigers left in severely damaged habitats in India, there is a distinct threat that the wild tiger could collapse into the extinction zone in the near future and disappear forever.

» Royal Bengal Tiger
» White Bengal Tiger

In a country that has 3% of the earth's landmass and 20% on its human population, it is a wonder that the Indian subcontinent has provided the wild tiger's safe haven.

The Indian Mythology
The cultural and spiritual traditions of Hindu and Buddhist faiths have been offering reverence to this royal animal. The maharajahs also set aside large sections of land as hunting preserves that provided a natural home to tigers and their prey. Along with colonialism came large-scale sport hunting (which stopped in 1972) and combined with poaching for Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern day business and industry, the tiger population has been devastated and their habitat exploited for human needs.
Indian Tiger
Save this Wild Relic!
People have now recognised the need to save tigers in this particular region. Law in India sets tiger habitat aside, and significant financial resources are committed every year by the governments to save the tiger. There are 22 tiger reserves and many more national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Amazing Fact!
One of the most fascinating facts about the wild tiger is the extremely close and extended bond between the tigress and her cubs. A tiger learns every survival skill from its mother - which can not happen if they are fed in captivation. If we preserve their habitat, they will live. Probably the most important reason for saving the wild tiger - being at the top of food chain, her survival means the survival of all other species that live in her habitat and preserving the complex relationships within an ecosystem that was created by Nature and that can not be recreated by man.

You can find Indian Tiger at :
» Kanha National Park ( Madhya Pradesh )
» Bandhavgarh National Park ( Madhya Pradesh)
» Corbett National Park ( Ramnagar, Uttaranchal )
» Ranthambhore National Park (Rajasthan )
» Manas Wildlife Sanctuary ( 219 km from Guwahati)
» Kaziranga National Park ( 176 km from Guwahati)
» Nagarhole ( Karnataka)

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